Selected Song Lyrics

from songs performed by The Dust Dive, Corpse of Discovery, and Dichroics


Cut the Day with a Steak Knife

Let's get out for the sunrise

We'll cut the day with a steak knife

And drink the light with a wooden spoon

The old trail needs a whole new blazin'

I saw a nymph of a damsel fly:

A black gem in the current

And leopard frogs make the stroke of noon

All together

And we can tune to the midday choir

I heard the truth in the tall blades ringing', yeah

I read the words in the chicken scratch

And I hollered on back

We can come home every night

And clock out, like a newborn baby

I got some sleep last night, I took all my rest

I took it all

And I'll do it, do it, one more time again

So let's get out for the sunrise

We'll cut the day with a steak knife

And drink the light with a wooden spoon

Out on the levee

From The Dust Dive "Claws of Light" (Own Records, 2007)

Liberty Dime Under the Linoleum



The scrape down to the bottom

Through the credit grime

To the liberty dime underneath the linoleum


I heard crickets ringin’

Down the bankrupt hollow

I got a cursive text from a scorpion

In Apache

And all it said was Keay! Keay!


Ah, stardust

I looked down in the bottoms

I found phantom power in the backyards

And taxidermic movie stars

Yeah, in the bottoms



I woke up in the bottom

In the fragrant earth

In the afterbirth of petroleum


I heard a dead man signin’

Steady as a sundial

I had a heart attack from a skippin' CD

And a rainbow headache from all the Febreeze

Down at the bottom, yeah

from "Corpse of Discovery with Bryan Zimmerman" (2010)

Green River
Dedicated to the Kaw (Kansas) River

It's laced with aroclors

And a stark undertow

March of the new black rain

Above's a madhouse of stars

Below's a frontier of stains with a half-life

Green River

It's such a long time set back

Through the silt and back out into the meadow

All the runoff from the crown

And the old dregs in your veins

Is this the pathway to oblivion?

Yeah, it's such a long time gettin' back

From this old backwater ghetto

From the tangy shallows slack

Break out, green river

From The Dust Dive "Claws of Light" (Own Records, 2007)


Stone Satellite

September brambles

Need August light

Solar plasma healin’


Coronal shambles

Red, green, blue—outta white

Color capitol


Stone satellite . / . photosynthesis

Strangled up in grapevines

Maximillion sunflower seeds


Coronal mass ejection

Four billion years young

15-million kelvin cascades


Hello, ray of the dead

Do ya copy?

Drop me a little crumb of sun tartare

Burn my ashes up clean


Dear face of the heavens

I’m just a two-bit prism

Fry me up, cattail pollen

Twist me

From "Dichroics" (2011)


Babyface in a Pickup Truck

I'm talkin'bout Babyface

In a pickup truck

Kenwood and a KC-light bouquet

In circles on the night loop

It's a third-gear meditation

In the zone, just cruisin the 'Fe

Boot-scootin' with Babyface

Never been to New York City

Never heard of a rave

Sweet fillies in the back seat

Watchin the road disappear

Gettin older every second

Another dip in the drinking fountain, mossy

Ponderosa buffet

Another tape, hissin out the tweeters

Some people call you the space cowboy

I heard your voice on the CB, runnin lazy

Like a creek through the night

This fuzzed-out paradise

Sonic-bliss on the outskirts

I'm talkin'bout baby face

In a pickup truck

Cuttin out of the big sky malaise

Cherry ruts on the night loop

And hangin at the station

Just cruisin the 'Fe

Sleepwalkin' with baby face

Never been to New York City

Just moulting away

Fresh blood on the concrete

In those acrid rubber clouds

Shedding skin on the last day of the rest of the night

From The Dust Dive " Claws of Light" (Own Records, 2007)



Postcards of Real Worlds

Possums in the front yard

Eating outta the cat's bowl

Slugs bathin' in moonlight—late July


Fit it all into a frame with your own graphics

Postcards of real worlds

Places under the weather

Plain and bright

Like makin' all local stops through the country

From firework stands to Kwik Shop dumpsters

Frontage road somewheres

This oil stain belongs in a museum


We'll throw a party at the bottom of the lake

Or some space where time doesn't get to

Need a place where we can loiter

Uncover the stars out in the night

from The Dust Dive "Claws of Light" (Own Records, 2007


Freebase the Febreeze

I’ll take a urinal disc

And some Midtown gravy

Caramelized voyagers smudge from Canal Street

New-car smell, trees in the mirror

And clouds of molten babydoll plastic over Newtown Creek

I’m watchin old Wolf Blitzer

With a white-wine spritzer

Freebasin’ Febreeze

Till I can’t feel my knees

Plug it in Plug it in Plug it in

Roll out the benzene carpet

And a Lysol chaser

Cut another round of silica dust for the table

Take me, Asthma Alley

I need some Electric Company

Gimme screen-light flu

Krispy Kreme

Baptize me

I’ll take a sulfite speedball

Hold the fiber

Frack me another field of sheetrock gas from my trailer

More PVC, son

More DEET, dawg

Freebase the Febreeze, gimme the ‘sease

Yeah, hook it up hook it up hook it up

From "Dichroics" (2011)